Projections 9: Planning for Sustainable Transportation: an International Perspective


Volume 9: Planning for Sustainable Transportation: an International Perspective


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Volume 9 of Projections explores the diversity of and progress in planning for sustainable transport. Transportation is one of the central foci of researchers concerned with fostering sustainable development. On one hand it is one of the main contributors to global problems, such as global warming, on the other hand it is essential for regional economic development and prosperity. Contributors to this volume should focus on innovative sustainable transportation ideas, their measures, best practices and applications that highlight and resolve these conflicts. The sustainable transport debate is diverse in countries around the world, mainly stemming from their unique differences embedded in the region's cultural, social and economic context. Acknowledging that each country faces its own challenges in pursuing sustainability, this volume of Projections also welcomes contributions that engage country focused or comparative debates revealing differences or highlight planning similarities for transport sustainability between countries around the world.


Projections is a unique collaboration between graduate students in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT and an editorial board composed of leading scholars in the areas most closely linked to the topic under discussion. The editorial board for Volume 9 includes leading academics and practitioners from around the world whose work focuses on sustainable transportation. We welcome critical analysis, theoretical papers, plans, observations and other forms of reflections on the field of metropolitan, urban, rural, air or freight transport.