Projections 11 - Global Ecologies: Politics, Planning, and Design

Engagement in sustainability planning is growing globally, yet we continue to see environmental conditions worsen. Much attention has reasonably been centered on capacities of national actors and policies, but corresponding issues of scale(s), space, and agency have been largely unaddressed. For example, scholars are just beginning to critically asses the interactive dynamics between state, private, and civic organizations in facilitating collective environmental action; the role of global decision-making in shaping local policy action; and the critical interface between urban and ecological spaces and flows. As a result, the complexities and possibilities of state/local agency, global networks, and spatial ecologies as a multidimensional system remain under-theorized. This is particularly important in a time of global ecologies, where worldwide processes now actively transform society and nature everywhere. This issue of Projections directly addresses this critical intersection of politics, globalization, and built and “natural” environments in this era of the Anthropocene. Our objective is to unearth the political and spatial dimensions of our environmental crisis, and to reassert the physical and environmental aspects of the study of urban politics and processes. The various articles included in this volume highlight key concepts and practices in sustainability planning that address the dynamic interrelationships of global urbanization, ecological change, and the emerging hybridities of society and nature.

Contributors to this issue include Suzanne Song (ETH Zürich), Hilary Schaffer Boudet (Oregon State University), Daphne Gondhalekar (Technische Universität München) and Adris Akhtar (University of Bonn), Eman A. Lasheen (Harvard University), Alexander J. Felson (Yale University), and Lachlan Anderson-Frank / MVRDV.

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Projections 11 - Table of Contents

Editorial - Global Ecologies: Politics, Planning, and Design
Eric Chu and Kian Goh

Enclosure of the Commons in a Global Economy: British Enclosure and African Land Grabbing
Suzanne Song

An “Insiteful” Comparison: Contentious Politics in Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Siting
Hilary Schaffer Boudet

Down The Drain or Back to the Roots? Political Ecology of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Visualized Using GIS in Leh Town, Ladakh, India
Daphne Gondhalekar and Adris Akhtar

An Environmental Anthropology of Waste in Cairo: Contexts, Dimensions, and Trends
Eman A. Lasheen

Designed Experiments for Transformational Learning: Forging New Opportunities Through the Integration of Ecological Research Into Design
Alexander J. Felson

Freeland: Urban Planning Strategy for Almere Oosterwold
Lachlan Anderson-Frank / MVRDV

In Memoriam: Professor JoAnn Carmin