Lynch Award: Nominations



  • Scale of the work can vary from a book, to a project (including built projects as well as websites and digital media projects), to a public process, to a whole city.
  • Built works should be newer than 15 years or contain additional interventions during that time.
  • For built works that encompass large urban areas, a substantial portion of build-out must have been completed and functioning for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Research and writing should not be older than 15 years, or contain additions during that time.

GENERAL characteristics of a work:

  • Explicitly engages people – the users of the work.
  • Is inspirational and reflective rather than impressive.
  • Concerns a broad rather than a specific audience.
  • Addresses the public image of a place.
  • Develops a sense of place open to change over time.

SPECIFIC characteristics of a work:

  • Public value: The work must be publicly accessible.
  • Pedagogical value: The central ideas should be generalizable and replicable in other contexts.
  • Environmental value: The work promotes justice toward and within natural and social environments.