Formalized Transit Infrastructure and Affects on Public Security at Modal Transfer Stations in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area

The new Modal Transfer Station (CETRAM, for its name in Spanish) Ciudad Azteca, also referred to as the Mexipuerto, designed and operated by Grupo Prodi in the municipality of Ecatepec, has become a point of security for the historically dangerous and poverty stricken area. For various reasons, including improved accessibility, formalization of transit, and the provision of secure public spaces, CETRAM Ciudad Azteca is now a refuge of safety in an otherwise insecure neighborhood. The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in collaboration with Urban Travel Logistics (UTL), believes that this phenomenon can be extrapolated upon and that a research project focused on city regeneration, mobility improvements, innovative data collection utilizing smartphone technologies, and urban public policy adjustments can develop the following topics:

  • Concretely measure the benefits of security provided by CETRAM Ciudad Azteca in the municipality of Ecatepec.
  • Utilize advanced communication technologies (i.e., smartphones) for optimized data collection and measurement for real-time, dynamic feedback for urban transit service, public security, etc.
  • Define the factors that are the source of these benefits.
  • Understand how these factors can be modified to increase the safety benefits of Ciudad Azteca?
  • Determine how future CETRAMs can be designed to optimize their security benefits AND how can the neighborhoods surrounding these CETRAM developments can be better incorporated so as to spread the benefits of safety to the surrounding areas.
  • Identify the types of architectural or transit features that would be required of the CETRAMs (e.g., Ciudad Azteca) to decrease its isolation from the surrounding neighborhoods.

 PARTNERS: Dr. Florencia Serrania, Research Fellow, Institute of Engineering, National Autonomous University of Mexico; Isaac Lozada, Analyst, Urban Travel Logistics; Chris Zegras

 SUPPORT: MIT-Mexico - ICyT Seed Fund