Site and Environmental Systems Planning

The Site and Environmental Systems Planning workshop addresses the range of practical approaches involved in evaluating and planning sites within the context of natural, cultural, social, and political systems. It concentrates on developing the knowledge and skills for analyzing and planning sites for development through practical exercises and major urban and landscape projects that focus on ecological systems, climate resiliency, education, and environmental justice.

The workshop will address the following question: how might a mosaic of land uses, wetlands, programmed open space, and residential neighborhoods be configured and deployed to create a coherent, ecologically-based strategy for climate mitigation along the waterfront peninsula of East Boston? The sites of interest are the waterfronts along the MBTA Orient Heights Repair Shop and the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation as well as the mitigation of stormwater runoff in the areas of Jefferies Point and Brandywyne Village. These sites were identified by the previous 2021 and 2022 Site and Environmental Planning practica that worked with various community organizations and Boston Planning & Development Agency.