PhD Student Opinon: Implementing Mens et Manus

A recent issue of The Tech, MIT's student newspaper, includes a guest opinion column by DUSP PhD students Brittany Montgomery and Rebecca Heywood, entitled "Implementing Mens et Manus: How can the Institute better integrate science and innovation with politics and community affairs?"

What good is a contribution to science and innovation if not to better the human condition? Isn’t that what MIT’s motto, Mens et Manus, is all about? If we truly believe that the purpose of everything that we strive to accomplish at MIT is to improve human life and educate students for practical application, then what are we doing to prepare them for action in the messy real world? Failing to include politics and community affairs in our instruction of science, engineering, and innovation is like teaching 18.03 (Differential Equations) without boundary conditions: infinite solutions, but none that are useful for applied problems.

To read the whole article, see the October 21 issue of The Tech.