Heterodox Approaches to a Post-Pandemic World

Drawing upon the research and writings of Alice Amsden, the former MIT Barton L Weller Professor of Political Economy, DUSP Alumna Neeta Misra (PhD ‘08) explores global public policy issues via her podcast series, Heterodox Approaches to a Post-Pandemic World; What would Alice say?

Misra, a former advisee of Amsden, holds a BA from San Francisco State University, a MA from Cornell University , a doctorate from MIT, and a post-doctorate from the University of Cape Town, Department of Economics, Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU). Currently, she leads Policy Matters, a mixed media public policy initiative focused on highlighting policy innovation and application. 

In the podcast series, Misra builds upon Amsden’s research and work which  promoted industrial policy, employment, and trade for emerging economies. The podcast is based in Washington D.C. and include syndication in India to the oldest business magazine, Businessworld and South Africa.

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