Committed to Caring: Professor Brent Ryan

Congratulations to DUSP Professor Brent Ryan, who was recently awarded a "Committed to Caring” honor from the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.  The program recognizes MIT faculty members who "go above and beyond to make an impact in the lives of graduate students." Two new faculty members are recognized each month through a broad campus poster and web campaign.  Honorees are determined by a selection committee made up of MIT graduate students and staff.

In granting the award, the office noted,

Professor Brent Ryan’s passionate engagement in urban design and public policy is contagious. Embracing the challenge of preparing students to write their City Design and Development theses, Prof. Ryan became known the thesis prep class as “a rigorous, yet approachable” professor whose genuine care for student well-being makes an impact, both academically and personally.   The class abounded with interdisciplinary explorations, and his nominator “was very impressed with [his] ability to create an environment that provided every student the opportunity to develop their thesis research collaboratively.” In addition to encouraging students to share ideas, Ryan offered access to his extensive professional network of colleagues and contemporaries, allowing the students to “gather keen external perspective, inspiration, and advice.” Ryan’s nominator particularly benefited from contacts in Europe while on a fellowship there.

For more about Brent or the Committed to Caring program, see this website.