Jan 15, 2021. Posted by Takeo Kuwabara

Repost of the MIT Media Lab's January 13th, 2021 MIT News Story.

On 1.13.21, MIT announced the launch of the interdisciplinary Center for Constructive Communication, which will leverage data-driven analytics to better understand current social and mass media ecosystems and design new tools and communication networks capable of bridging social, cultural, and political divides.

Dec 11, 2020. Posted by Takeo Kuwabara

Repost of Peter Dizikes's December 8th, 2020 MIT News piece.  

In the early decades of the 20th century, city officials in the U.S. began collecting data like they never had before. In St. Louis, starting around 1915, planners fanned out across the city and obtained detailed information about the use and ownership of every property standing.