DUSP IAP in Africa Showcase

The DUSP in Africa Showcase is hosted by UrbanAfrica, with support from IDG and DUSP.

Master in City Planning (MCP) and the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (SPURS) students will share stories about their 2013 IAP trip in an African country. Please some support your fellow colleagues and learn about research in Africa.

The DUSP IAP in Africa Showcase Panel:

Sarah Dimson, MCP1, Tanzania

The primary objectives for Ms. Dimson’s internship included: (i) working with the Regional Commission team on the Mtwara Development Corporation (“MDC”) framework for equitable development; (ii) gaining a broad understanding for the various economic sectors that will drive the future growth for the region; (iii) enhancing her knowledge regarding Tanzanian development policies and laws; and (iv) developing a general understanding for the region’s geography and socio-cultural dynamics.

Anna Gross, MCP2, Ghana

Ms. Gross used participatory and semi-structured interview methods to help perform a Situation Analysis of sanitation in Ghana and to help generate a Case Study of sanitation in one urban community, Ayigya (located in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city). Ayigya is comprised of three distinct neighborhoods and cultures: indigenous, Muslim (zongo ”people from the North”) and modern, each with different income levels, housing types, cultures and sanitation arrangements. As part of a team of students from MIT and Harvard, Ms. Gross investigated the sanitation conditions through the lens of policy (U.N., national government, local government), pre-existing conditions, expressed community needs, innovation, gender, technology and urban development. These studies will be the basis for Action Research/Planning in possibly future DUSP Sanitation Practica in Ghana. 

Abel Managni, SPURS, Ghana

The main objective of Mr. Managni's trip to Ghana was to gain an insight into the sanitation conditions and to find out why Ghana is lagging in reaching the Millennium Development Goal for sanitation. During the trip, Abel Manangi held meetings with the Acting Director at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Sanitation (with the DUSP team) and Zoomlion, a private company implementing sanitation activities on behalf of Government of Ghana. The other meetings and field trips were with the Ghana Water Company Limited regarding water implementation strategies. Mr. Managni's visit in Ghana was also part of the DUSP Sanitation Practicum in Ghana.

 Sofia Lopez, MCP2, Egypt

During Ms. Lopez's trip, she spoke with independent union leadership in Egypt. According to Ms. Lopez, independent unions are one of the fastest growing and democratically robust institutions taking shape in Cairo. This trip also coincided with the 2nd year anniversary of the revolution, which Ms. Lopez will be speaking about.

Moderator: Gabriella Carolini, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

[Image: by josef.stuefer]