Bronx Planning Workshop

Few urban places compare to the Bronx, New York, for its combination of rich assets and deep contradictions. It is home to the third largest commercial district in New York City, one of the world’s largest food distribution centers, and several major hospitals, which count among the city’s largest employers. It is also the poorest urban county in the US, where food deserts proliferate and health outcomes are among the worst in the nation. People living in the Bronx bear a disproportionate share of the health, pollution, violence, incarceration, and economic burdens of New York City. Such forms of “structural violence” exact an enormous economic and human toll, making urgent the need for alternative development approaches that not only promise prosperity for a few but advance the well-being of all Bronx residents more broadly. Bronx residents and leaders have already begun searching for such alternatives, and the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI) has grown from that search. BCDI proposes a model for sustainable urban development that harnesses local assets and leverages the purchasing and investment power of Bronx anchor institutions to foster sustainable, community-driven, and community-owned wealth generation among low- and moderate-income residents.


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