Bob Simha

O. Robert Simha served as the Director of Planning for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1960 to 2000. In that capacity, he was responsible for the planning and development of the MIT campus. During the period of his service at MIT, the campus grew from 4.5 million square feet to 9 million square feet. and its related commercial research and development facilities built adjacent to the campus at Technology Square and University Park. He was deeply involved in the creation and financing of the Kendall Square Urban Renewal area.

He served for over fifteen years as a trustee of the fifteen institutions that made up the Massachusetts Community College system .He is a founding member of the society for College and University Planning. He served as president of the society and was awarded SCUP's Distinguished Service Award in 2000. He lectures, conducts workshops and teaches on subjects that relate to campus planning and educational facilities management at MIT.