Lightning Talks

12 DUSP faculty will have three minutes to explain one of their research projects--in layperson's language. We are hoping to strike that perfect blend of “fun and informative,” so that students and faculty can be inspired by the work of colleagues and we can all start to explore new ways of working together. Presenters: Albert Saiz, Amy Glasmeier, Anne Whiston Spirn, Bish Sanyal, Brent Ryan, Ceasar McDowell, Jinhua Zhao, Joe Ferrera, Judy Layzer, Larry Susskind, Larry Vale, Chris Zegras The event will be MC’d by Christa Lee-Chuvala, Jason Spicer, and Tony Vanky, and each presentation will be graphically recorded in real-time by Kelvy Bird, a graphic facilitator (see her work at After each presentation, we’ll have two minutes for one quick question from the audience or the student panel.