Strategic Coaching Units: Latin America and the Caribbean

As a result of landmark innovations transforming energy exploration, production, and distribution, as well as ecosystem preservation and restoration, Latin American and Caribbean countries are facing a whole new set of technological, business, and public policy incentives in natural resource management.

With far reaching implications in social and economic prosperity, stakeholders across the region are being empowered with the opportunity to re-define best practices.

One of the pressing priorities is how to strengthen the negotiation, conflict resolution, and collaborative decision-making strategies available to public, private, and non-governmental stakeholders, in order to generate and sustain fair and resilient outcomes at the negotiating table, across implementation phases, and in the face of unexpected crises.

Leading in partnership with the MIT Science Impact Collaborative and the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, our regional initiative focuses on creating impactful hubs, developing tailored executive training sessions and delivering problem-solving pedagogical materials that originate and emanate from local experiences. The responsibility is to strengthen long-term capacity that boosts energy transition, facilitates environmental health, enhances infrastructure development, promotes responsible tourism, and improves resilience in the face of climate risks.

Focused on producing innovative outcomes, these responsibilities involve collaborating with leaders across pioneering entrepreneurial initiatives, to empower managers, scientists, and engineers across the chain of command, with the strategies and tools to build stronger partnerships through creative analysis, design, and management of the negotiation processes they envision, launch, and lead.

Developing cutting-edge pedagogy in several of the predominant languages in the region, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English, along with fostering inclusive and engaging conversations in major media outlets, our commitment is to support the creation and evolution of widespread negotiation expertise that masters preparation, enhances value creation, and prioritizes follow through.

We do this by embracing the region's widely rich and multi-faceted heritages, unearthing and highlighting the persuasive, constructive, and consistent efforts of those that on a daily basis, contribute concrete improvements in industrial productivity, operations management, process engineering, transportation logistics, business intelligence, regulatory benchmarking, social justice, and environmental protection.

At its heart, the responsibility in leading this innovative network anchored on strategic coaching, is to facilitate a shift from experiencing negotiation as solely an individual skill to instead conceiving of it and practicing it as a core organizational and social strength, with clear consequences on the kind of moral compass that guides the behavior of firms, advocacy groups, government officials and community members across such a resoundingly poignant and evocative part of our planet.

© Photos by Bruno Verdini