EPP Research Blog

The Environmental Policy and Planning research blog highlights the work done by EPP students and faculty--with a particular emphasis on the theses and dissertations of recently graduated alumni.

The research projects included on the blog speak the broad range of interests of the EPP community, and to the variety of ways in which community members are working to impact the environmental planning field in a positive way.

As of 11/15/2013, the following authors and projects have been featured on the blog:

Elena Alschuler (MCP 2012)
Isabelle Anguelovski (PhD 2011)
Kathy Araujo (PhD 2013)
Cat Ashcraft (PhD 2011)
Andrea Christenson (MCP 2011)
Patrick Coleman (MCP 2011)
Tyler Corson-Rikert (MCP 2011)
Brian Daly (MCP 2013)
Kate Dineen (MCP 2011)
Rebecca Economos (MCP 2011)
Maricarmen Esquivel (MCP 2011)
Kim Foltz (MCP 2010)
Ian Gray (MCP 2012)
Angela Hadwin (MCP 2012)
Rachel Henschel (MCP 2009)
Sarah Hammitt (MCP 2010)
Ingrid Heilke (MCP 2010)
Carri Hulet (MCP 2013)
Bjorn Jensen (MCP 2010)
Tushar Kansal (MCP 2012)
Jenna Kay (MCP 2012)
Beaudry Kock (PhD 2010)
Nathan Lemphers (MCP 2009)
Deborah Lightman (MCP 2011)
Stephen Lloyd (MCP 2011)
Patrick Lynch (MCP 2010)
Eric Mackres (MCP 2010)
Sarah Madden (MCP 2010)
Amanda Martin (MCP 2011)
Brendan McEwen (MCP 2012)
Ksenia Mokrushina (MCP 2012)
Molly Mowery (MCP 2008)
Nikhil Nadkarni (MCP 2012)
Vanessa Ng (MCP 2011)
Nancy Odeh (MCP 2009)
Evan Paul (MCP 2011)
Haley Peckett (MCP 2009)
Noah Raford (PhD 2011)
Melissa Sapuan (MCP 2012)
Todd Schenk (MCP 2009)
Alexis Schulman (MCP 2007)
Rosie Sherman (MCP 2012)
Josh Sklarsky (MCP 2010)
Stephanie Stern (MCP 2011)
Shoko Takemoto (MCP 2011)
Mike Tuori (MCP 2012)
Tijs Van Maasakkers (MCP 2009)
Patricio Zambrano-Barragan (MCP 2012)
JoAnn Carmin's Urban Climate Adaptation Survey
Judy Layzer's Open for Business
Larry Susskind's Water Diplomacy
Energy Efficiency Strategy Project Whitepaper
Spring 2013 Multifamily Energy Efficiency Practicum