Environmental Planning Certificate

We will be meeting on Thursday, February the 13th, to talk about the Environmental Planning Certificate.  As the attached application indicates, any student in the Department can earn the Environmental Planning Certificate by completing a series of classes during the time they are registered at MIT.  For most EPP students, it is easy to meet the Certificate requirements on the way to completing an MCP or a PHD degree. Recent graduates have found that having the Environmental Planning Certificate has given them an edge in competing for environmentally-related jobs. This is especially true in places where people assume that planners are sometimes interested in economic development at all costs.  The last few years, EPPers have been able to complete the Environmental Planning Certificate requirements without having to take any additional subjects beyond those they already intended to complete.  To earn the Certificate, you need to take 11.601, an "environmentally-related practicum," and one subject in each of five sub-fields:(1) science, health and political decision-making;(2) land use, growth managementand environmental restoration;(3) ecology and landscape;(4) facility siting,infrastructure and sustainable development; and(5) methods of environmental planning analysis.