IDG faculty members span a wide variety of disciplines and interests. They come from backgrounds in Architecture, Economics, Law, Planning, and Sociology, among others. Their research covers the globe and often transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, such as partnering with fields as diverse as Engineering or Management, and with institutions worldwide, like the World Bank, the Brazilian Northeast Development Bank, the United Nations Development Program, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Each IDG faculty member advises students and teaches courses within the department and the group. Many faculty members will hire students to participate in research. This work often becomes instrumental in the development of a student's thesis or dissertation, and can provide valuable contacts and experience for work after graduation.

Assistant Professor
Professor Emeritus
Director, Sam Tak Lee MIT Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab
Lecturer in Political Economy
Associate Professor
Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor of Law and Development
Head, International Development Group
Director of the Special Program in Urban and Regional Studies / Humphrey Fellows Program
Professor, Dean SA+P
Associate Professor
Co-Chair, MCP Program