Resources for Anti-Racism

Anti-Black racism and White supremacy in the USA are part of a broader, structural global human rights problem, exemplified elsewhere in the world in the legacies of colonialism and exclusions based on race, class, religion, and/or gender. DUSP cannot ignore the complicity of planning in these systems and outcomes. Building communities based on equity and inclusion is planning’s duty. Only by dismantling systemic racism can we confront the overlapping social, environmental, health, and economic crises facing cities globally. DUSP must marshal all of our power, privilege, resources, and prestige to make ourselves, the Institute, and our broader societies anti-racist. Without doing so, we cannot make meaningful progress, as city planners, as citizens, as human beings. Anti-racism must become central to DUSP; taking this on as an entire Department is long overdue and we will not stop until the work is no longer necessary. DUSP knows and affirms that Black Lives Matter.