These are difficult and unprecedented times for all of us. Yet, unprecedented times lead to unprecedented gestures - large and small. They call for unprecedented sacrifices. They also force us to remember to step back, take a breath, be thankful, and build from what we have to make something better.

In the spirit of recognition, we ask that visitors take a moment to reflect on the astounding efforts of MIT and the MIT community - faculty, students, staff, and alumni/ae - to mobilize financial, material, and cognitive resources to aid Greater Boston and beyond. In the midst of great uncertainty, it is heartening to see the amazing cohort of individuals that make up the MIT community dedicate their time, energy, and resources to respond to this global crisis.

In the spirit of gratitude, DUSP faculty and staff want to thank the incredible efforts of our students, the heart of DUSP. We are all so impressed as you continue to adapt, on short notice to rapidly shifting situations, often at personal costs. Despite the difficulties, please take pride in knowing how important your sacrifices have been. Good global citizenry starts at the individual. Thank you.

In the spirit of enhancing what we have, we have developed Virtual DUSP as a way to re-create some of the interactions that typify the innovative, creative, and inclusive experiences of the DUSP community. Virtual DUSP is a community-based, plastic, online, social space that allows members to opt into their desired levels of participation.

MIT Resources

MIT Student Support Resources

MIT support resources have transitioned to virtual platforms and are available now. All of the support offices are closely connected and will direct the student to the right group for help on a platform that’s convenient for them (e.g., phone, email, Zoom, WebEx).

Academic and Personal Support
The offices below continue to be available during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) for non-emergency consultation and support.

Disability and Access Services (DAS) supports students with disability accommodations and access needs.

  • Email
  • If you are already approved for accommodations, please remember to contact your faculty to work out accommodation logistics.

(Graduate Students) OGE GradSupport provides consultation and advocacy to graduate students on matters related to academic and life challenges to enhance well-being.

  • Email or call 617-253-4860
  • If you have worked with a dean in GradSupport previously, please reach out to them directly.

Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life (ORSEL) provides counseling and advice to students on topics of religion and other spiritual matters.

  • Many chaplains will be hosting virtual office hours during this time. Visit this website to learn how to connect with the ORSEL staff and programs.

Student Mental Health & Counseling Services (SMHCS) works with students to identify, understand, and solve problems, and to help transform that understanding into positive action.

  • Call 617-253-2916
  • If you have an existing relationship with a clinician, please reach out to them directly for non-urgent consultations.

(Undergraduate Students) Student Support Services (S3) helps undergraduate students through academic and personal challenges.

  • Email or call 617-253-4861
  • If you have worked with a staff member in S3 previously, please reach out to them directly.

After-hours and 24/7 Resources

The Care Team is a team of staff who support all students through challenges they may experience during their time at MIT.

  • Call 617-253-2273

The Dean on Call is available to support students on nights, weekends, and holidays.

  • Call 617-253-1212 (MIT Police) and ask to speak with the Dean on Call. If you provide your name and phone number, the Dean on Call will call you back.

MIT Police are available to respond to on-campus emergencies.

  • Call 617-253-1212

SMHCS Clinician on Call is available when SMHCS is closed during nights and weekends.

  • Call 617-253-2916

The Violence Prevention and Response (VPR) Confidential Hotline is available 24/7 for students who need safety planning or immediate support concerning relationship and/or sexual violence issues.

  • Call 617-253-2300