Designing The Reclaimed Landscape

Designing The Reclaimed Landscape

The first practical yet in-depth exploration of how to reclaim the post-industrial landscape, this volume includes excellent case studies by practitioners and policy makers from around the US, giving first rate practical examples.

The book addresses new thinking about landscape, which applies new techniques to the task of transforming outdated and disused post-extraction landscapes through design. In the USA alone, there are nearly 500,000 abandoned mines in need of reclamation and this book provides the first in-depth guidance on this real and pressing issue.

Drawing on the work of Alan Berger's well-known P-REXlab at MIT, this volume outlines contemporay design thinking, theory and practice for landscape planners, landscape architects and designers and others interested in maximizing the future potential of reclaimed land.


Title Designing The Reclaimed Landscape
Authors Alan M. Berger
Editors Alan M. Berger
Type of Publication
Date of Publication
Jan 1, 2008
Taylor & Francis
Abingdon, UK and New York, NY