Singapore: Housing for Pearl’s and York Hills

Undre the sponsorship of the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the studio was set in Singapore and it examined the future of a fifty hectare area in the downtown. The site, known as Pearl’s Hill and York Hill, is prominent topographically, rising 40 to 50 meters above the general level of the core of the city. The hill’s elevation led to the building of a reservoir on the top of Pearl’s Hill in the late nineteenth century. Over the next twenty years or so, half or more of the site will be redeveloped at much higher densities and its central feature, the Pearls Hill Park and reservoir, is to be enhanced and perhaps reconfigured as an important open space in the city.  In essence, the URA’s goals for the redevelopment of the site are to considerably intensify its use for residential and recreational purposes, to give the entire area a distinct character, and to greatly improve the visibility and accessibility of that part of the site which might continue to serve as a public park.