Shenzhen Futures (2007)

Beginning in the Fall of 2005, MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning has offered a series of studios and research seminars on sustainable residential development with sponsorship from the Vanke Group. This report contains the work of the Spring 2007 Shenzhen Planning Studio.

The studio’s goal is to start the process of formulating guidelines for developing a sustainable community in the future. In order to do this, the students were asked to search for design, financial, and management tools, which come from existing research and practice internationally. These tools were then tested in the exercise of re-planning Wonderland, a residential project in Shenzhen developed by Vanke from the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s.

This report has two parts: the first contains the site planning of Wonderland and second part contains individual research papers from the students on topics and tools relating to sustainable development.