Mapping America

The Mapping America exhibition attempts to visually represent the complexity of the American election and electorate through a collection of Infographics. The Civic Data Design Lab curated the exhibition with Kessels Kramer, a graphic design firm based in Amsterdam, with an office in London.

As co-curators, the Civic Data Design Lab selected artist and provided them with data to work with for the exhibition. The lab team also developed their own data visualization to explain the electoral system, but developing Cartograms of the elections all the way back to Nixon's time. The Cartograms highlight the current divide in American politics while also explaining the electoral college.


MAPPING AMERICA - is a new exhibition at KK Outlet unpacking the complexities of the 2012 U.S election through info graphics.

To an international audience America can sometimes be viewed as a country of competing opposites;
east v’s west, democrat v’s republican, Romney v’s Obama, religion v’s secular, rich v’s poor, Chris Brown v’s Drake but things are never that simple.

America is a vastly complex country and the up coming 2012 U.S. election is far more nuanced than the seemingly simple Republican / Democrat designations of its two candidates. Who’s actually voting in the election? What are their concerns and how do issues such as race, the economy, employment education and religion affect how
they vote?

MAPPING AMERICA attempts to visually represent the complexity of the election and the electorate through a collection of specially commissioned infographics from renowned institutions like MIT, Harvard, and the New York Times as well as American and European creative studios. The result is a collection of maps and visuals that explore
how issues from race and religion to unemployment and gun ownership influence voting.

Exhibition Ran: 7 – 24 November

Erin Aigner 
Catalog Tree 
Eric Fisher
Kirk Goldsberry 
Richard Johnson 
Gilad Lotan 
Jaap de Maat & Sion Fletcher 
Melissa Kim & Andreas Koller 
Lucy Nurnberg 
Socket Studios 
Sarah Williams 
Alicia Rouault
Projekttriangle Design Studio