CDD Forum Spring 2016: Urban Design — Social

Hidden behind the common fact that we live in an urbanizing world where more than 50 percent of the planet now lives in cities, is a dramatic realization. Most of that urban growth, that is, one-third of the planet’s urban population lives in an informal settlement. Making this typology the most common form of urbanization on the word. Our discipline lacks tools to fully understand this unfolding drama. Inspired by a desire to address this contradictory issue of informality and lack of disciplinary tools the CDD Forum focus on understanding the role of high-quality design as a tool to address urban social problems. Those that, in general, are engaged in the improvement of the physical environment of marginalized communities. The CDD Forum is a way to provide a firsthand account of urban designers and individuals that intervene in this urban space to solve this type of issues.

While it can be agreed that all urban design address social issues. The seminar focuses on that segment of ideas about spaces of marginality in which high-quality urban design intervene as a tool to creatively challenge traditional urban design practices. This CDD Forum explores thru the work of the designers and scholars practices are responsible for the innovate improvement of social conditions of marginalized communities.

The Spring 2016 Urban Design Seminar features five public lectures by national or international practitioners, all of whom are significant figures in the nonprofit, public sector, and private sector realms of urban design. Each of these practitioners works at multiple scales and their presentations will focus on the content and strategies of current work in their practice. These public lectures also comprise the Spring 2016 City Design and Development Forum of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Vertical Urban Factory

Feb 8
Nina Rappaport
Publications Director at Yale School of Architecture
10-485, 2:30 pm

Public Interest Design

Feb 24
Bryan Bell
Associate Professor of Architecture at NC State Design 
10-485, 12:30 pm

Medellin: Urban Narratives in Emerging Contexts

Apr 4
Alejandro Echeverri
Founding Partner of Alejandro Echeverri + Valencia
10-485, 12:30 pm

Kounkuey Design Initiative

Apr 25
Chelina Odbert
Co-founder and Executive Director, Kounkuey Design Initiative
10-485, 12:30 pm