CDD Forum Spring 2015: Practicing Perspectives on Urban Design

This forum examined innovations in urban design practice occurring through the work of leading practitioners in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. Featured lectures by major national and global practitioners in urban design. Topics discussed included architectural urbanism, landscape and ecology, arts and culture, urban design regulation and planning agencies, and citywide and regional design.

Designing for Engagement

February 17, 2015
Christine Gaspar
Executive Director, Center for Urban Pedagogy
10-485, 6pm

A Century of Cities and a Readjustment of Culture

March 9, 2015
Phil Enquist
Partner in Charge of Urban Design and Planning, SOM
Long Lounge, 6pm

Repositioning Cities

March 30, 2015
Scott Page
Founder and Principal, Interface Studio
10-485, 6pm

Project Row Houses: Community Through Art

April 6, 2015
Rick Lowe
Public Artist, Project Row Houses
Long Lounge, 6pm

Community & Coastal Resiliency

April 13, 2015
Walter Meyer & Jennifer Bolstad
Founders, Local Office Landscape Architecture
10-485, 12:30pm

Designing NYC

April 27, 2015
Jeffrey Shumaker
Chief Urban Designer, New York Department of City Planning
10-485, 12:30pm

The Accidental Playground, Undesigned Narratives from Brooklyn and Beyond

May 8, 2015
Daniel Campo
Associate Professor, School of Architecture at Morgan State University in Baltimore
10-485, 12:30pm