CDD Forum Fall 2015

Rethinking Site Planning

Oct. 14
Gary Hack
Professor Emeritus of City & Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania School of Design
10-481, 6pm

A Year Abroad in Detroit: Transdisciplinary Design in North America's Most Fascinating City

Oct. 26
Constance Bodurow
Associate Professor of Architecture, Lawrence Technological University
Former Visiting Fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism
10-485, 12:30pm

A Lasting Paralympic Legacy: Planning an Inclusive Environment in London/ Embedding Inclusive Design into Built Environment Professional Education

Nov. 16
Julie Fleck
Project Lead, Built Environment Professional Education Project
10-485, 12:30pm

Colonizing Landscapes

Nov. 20
Francesco Garofalo
Founding Partner, Openfabric
10-485, 12:30pm