Bronx, NYC: Harlem River Waterfront Studio

In 2011, the Site and Environmental Systems Planning course at MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning examined future possibilities of the Bronx Side of the Harlem River water front.

This report describes the issues to be addressed in the design and planning of this part of the Bronx and presents the investigations and proposals for the site that were prepared by student teams.

This course is part of a long-running series of site planning practica offered by MIT’s City Design and Development group. Each year, the course has investigated and made proposals about current planning and city design issues in urban and rural settings. In recent years, the course has put forward ideas for various sites in Tokyo, Barcelona, Biloxi, and Boston. In each case, these proposals have been based on serious field study followed by systematic exploration of designs for places, natural systems, alternative infrastructure, and possible public activities.

The teaching objectives of this course have been to introduce students from a variety of backgrounds to issues in cities that can be addressed through environmental planning, landscape architecture, and urban design, and to make the students conversant with the bodies of knowledge, techniques, and values that must be engaged in these tasks.