Apr/19 Lecture
Margarita Jover

CDD Wednesday Designing Practice Series:

Lecture Rescheduled for: Wed, April 19

The MIT Dept of Urban Studies and Planning, City Design and Development group, is pleased to welcome Margarita Jover to the second our Wednesday Designing Practice Series lecture.


Margarita Jover is founder and principal, with Iñaki Alday, of the firm 'aldayjover arquitectura y paisaje', based in Barcelona, with work in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture fields. She began her appointment in January 2012 as Lecturer-Faculty Research, leading an Urban Design Studio in Barcelona with a long tradition and starting as pilot program the Design Center Office at the School of Architecture. Previously, Margarita Jover has been professor at BAU-School of Design in Barcelona and coordinator of his Interior Design’s Department (1998-2009); elected to the Board of the at CoAC (Official Association of Architects from Catalonia) in 2010 acting as Director of Cultural Activities, and Lecturer- Visiting professor in several universities in Europe.

aldayjover’s projects are embedded in the culture of site specificities' worship of landscapes and cities because the belief that those are the main driving forces of the project. Those site’s constraints and values of all sort are understood as hyperreality that feeds and restrains simultaneously the project’s desires. Consequently, the project is composed by a series of appropriate decisions taken about hyperreality where beauty is an astonishing result; therefore, beauty never comes a priori as an image at the design process but as a result a posteriori. Moreover, when hyperreality is still present once the project is built, the construction is surprisingly alive and beautiful.

The firm “aldayjover arquitectura y paisaje” is author of outstanding and awarded buildings as the Mill Cultural Center (Utebo, 2004) or the District Heating and Cooling (Zaragoza, 2008); landscape works as The Water Park (Zaragoza, 2008) or the Recovery of the Gallego River waterfronts (Zuera, 2001); as well as urban public space as the Integration of the new Tramway (Zaragoza, 2011). Among others, the firm has been awarded with the European Urban Public Space Prize (2002), the FAD Prize of City and Landscape (2009) and the Garcia Mercadal Prize of Architecture (2001 and 2005). In adition, the firm has been finalist of the European Landscape Biennale (2008), Iber-american Architecture Biennale (2004) and the Spanish Architecture Biennale (2005 and 2009), as well as nominated for the Mies van der Rohe European Prize (2009).

Currently aldayjover has works under construction in Pamplona, Ibiza and Zaragoza, and is designing the most relevant public intervention ongoing Barcelona: The Green Diagonal, 2.5 miles of public space on top of the structure covering the rail tracks that cross the north part of the city.

Margarita Jover

aldayjover arquitectura y paisaje