CDD Forum: Alejandro Echeverri on "Medellin: Urban Narratives in Emerging Contexts"

Join us for the 3rd in the City Design and Development Forum Spring semester series will take place on Monday, April 4 at 12:30 PM in room 10-485.

About the talk:   Alejandro Echeverri  will be speaking on the topic of Medellin: Urban Narratives in Emerging Contexts.  Our recent experience of urban and social transformation (achieved and ongoing) that has taken place in Medellin Colombia in the last years has allowed us not only to experiment within the different disciplinary core of urbanism, architecture and landscape, but also as a way to create practical tools and scopes to deal with urban and social affairs within politics. Most of this operation has taken place in marginalized neighborhoods, with the objective of making viable a more sustainable mode of performance from a social and physical-environmental perspective.

About the speaker:   Alejandro Echeverri is a Colombian architect born in Medellin.  Alejandro believes in the ethical responsibility of designers with our cities in contributing towards a better society. His focus has been in leading multidisciplinary teams whose work focuses in emergent territories that present high informality, exclusion and inequity, immersed in complex and unstable realities. His main interest and focus has been the development of processes with architectural or urban projects as the backbone for social and territorial development, which, through innovation in the instruments used, develops a flexible and holistic ecosystem that involves building connections with governments, institutions and the community. His work has achieved a great deal of innovation and creativity, with design as a constant learning process. 

Between 2004 to 2008, as general manager of the Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano and then as the city’s director of urban projects, he led the Social Urbanism strategy to improve the most impoverished neighborhoods, with the support and partnership of the city’s mayor Sergio Fajardo, making Medellin a blueprint for the future for other distressed cities worldwide. 

Since 2010, and as its head founder, he is the director of URBAM, the Center for Urban and Environmental Studies of EAFIT University. Urbam delves into the urban, environmental and social issues of emerging developing countries, particularly those with weak political and institutional structures, and currently is involved in an ongoing collaboration projects with the Action Cities Network.  He is also active in design through his studio, Alejandro Echeverri + Valencia Arquitectos, focusing on projects with low environmental impact.

His work has earned the Colombian National Architectural Award SCA in 1996, the Pan-American Biennale in Urban Design Award 2008, the Curry Stone Design Prize in 2009, the 10th Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design from Harvard in 2013, among others.


light refreshments will be provided, first come first served


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