Our Mission

Mobility Futures Collaborative's mission is to harness advanced mobile data acquisition technologies for deployment and operation in oft-unconsidered internation urban contexts with the intent of seeding such systems to local organizations designed to create a sustainable loop of data production and analysis.

How can modern technologies that find everyday use in first world, "Global North," contexts be adapted with the potential for high impact in the rapidly developing "Global South?" It was this initiation question that has led to the formation of the Mobility Futures Collective, the ongoing research initiative under the leadership of P. Christopher Zegras.

Our History

Over four years strong, Zegras' research initiative has led to efforts, still ongoing, in three different countries spanning the globe.

Chris Zegras initially began the efforts of Mobility Futures Collaborative through research started with Albert Ching, MCP '12. With Albert Ching, the two researched numerous urban contexts across the globe, eventually settling on Dhaka, Bangladesh for their first engagement opportunity. The site selection was premised on Albert's previous heavy experience with the region as a finance manager at Google in nearby Hyderabad. In addition, Albert had struck a unique relationship with a man named Muntasir, who had left his job as an electrical engineer for cell network provider Bangalink to run Kewkradong Bangladesh, a social entrepreneurship that had the capability of organizing large numbers of motivated individuals quickly for anything from a coastal clean-up to, later, a bus mapping exercise.

Spring 2013