11.S189 / 11.S952
Urban Science in Practice

The class introduces participants to the practice of Urban Science in the public sector, private sector and civil society. It invites a series of practitioners from the field, who work with data analytic tools in urban planning to MIT to present and debate their work, exploring how the emerging field of Urban Science is affecting and changing traditional planning practice. The class alternates between a biweekly “Cities and Technology” panel debate at the City Arena, which is open to DUSP and SAP at large, and a seminar, where students read and discuss material related to the public debates. The debates are structured around planning subfields—e.g. transportation, housing, urban design, community development, environmental planning, landscape, real estate etc.— and invite presenters who represent both traditional subject area expertise (e.g. a city transportation director) and novel tools and methods that are being introduced to such fields

(e.g mobility data specification or MDS). The seminar introduces students to the history of using computer science approaches in city planning and explores contemporary challenges of addressing complex, often political, unequal and ‘wicked’ planning challenges with new computational and data-analytic tools.