11.S951 / 15.S21
China Connector Workshop: Urbanization, Technology, and the Innovation Market

This course is designed for urban tech startups who aims to make cities more livable, responsive and efficient and is keen to explore and launch their startup in the world’s biggest urbanization market: China. In the next 30 years, China will urbanize another 300 million. Its phenomenon urbanization represents some of the most significant business opportunities of the century. As we see technology innovation and the China urbanization are converging to enable new solutions, business model and entrepreneurial participation to address urban challenges. Capturing these opportunities, however, will require significant innovation and comprehensive knowledge of the China political economy system and innovation market. The course will provide student teams a framework for success, tools and strategies to bring urban technology innovations to enter China market and to scale. 

This is a sector and regional focused entrepreneurship course to go beyond general entrepreneurship concepts and do a deeper dive on the special challenges in the urban tech industry and how to best address them. Student will learn through a mix of lectures, cases, guest speakers and exercises but primarily through their startup projects. 

This course 11.s951 is in sync with Future City Innovation Connector (FCIC) program. Every year FCIC program will select 8-10 startup teams into the program. The application is team based. To apply with FCIC program:  https://cfclab.mit.edu/FCIC

The course is also open to individual student who is not admitted into FCIC program, but is interested in the topic. Those individual applicant is encouraged to work with one FCIC cohort startup team to work on specific urban tech startup projects. For individual student, please send your CV and statement of motivation to Zhengzhen Tan: ztan@mit.edu

For any question, please contact Zhengzhen Tan: ztan@mit.edu

No prerequisites required