Senseable Cities: The Future of the City

A seminar organized by the MIT Senseable City Lab in collaboration with Yale University Press

What forces will direct urban evolution?  How are new smart technologies redefining urban life? And how will this change the discipline of urban studies and planning - even propelling the emergence of a new science of citiesAmong the first inaugural volumes of the forthcoming FUTURE series by Yale University Press (published in 2015) will focus on the city, and has been commissioned to Carlo Ratti with Matthew Claudel and the Senseable City Lab. Yet the writing process itself will be opened and oriented by a seminar class: a choral exploration of our common urban future. The Senseable City Workshop 2014 will be conducted as a small seminar, with researchers and students discussing one chapter per session and critically expanding the argument and its references over the course of the semester. 12 dimensions for the future city will provide a framework for discussion, ultimately becoming the book’s 12 chapters. Each will be an exercise in speculative research and design, inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s ‘anticipatory design science’.  The intellectual explorations of the class will be synthesized - and credited - in the final book (similar to Rem Koolhaas’ Project on the City or Venturi / Scott Brown’s Learning from Las Vegas), becoming the next in a tradition of crowdsourcing and collective writing through a small seminar group. Join us to examine - and write - the future of the city.  Students interested in joining the class must submit a short writing sample, a CV and a brief statement of intent (no more than 300 words). For more information on this process, please join the introductory session on Monday, February 3rd from 4-5:30pm in 9-450A. Contacts: senseable-class@mit.edu