Reaching Ghana’s Sanitation Millennium Development Goal by 2015?

Ghana is seriously off-track in meeting the Millennium Development Goal for Sanitation by 2015, yet it is a stable, peaceful, democratic country that has been re-classified from low-income to low-middle income in 2011 by the World Bank, so an enabling environment is present. In this Practicum we will conduct a Participatory Planning Process and Situation Analysis with a focus on 3 major cities: Tamale, Accra and Kumasi, Ghana engaging the challenges through the lens of innovation, gender, technology and development.. We will review existing sanitation conditions in 3 cities; collaboratively evaluate with local Ghanaian partners the Gates Foundation “Reinvent the Toilet” Round 2 Challenge Winning Technologies as potential solutions for Ghana and compare that to “Thinking out of the Pot - Meso-Scale Solutions” (Proposal by MIT researchers Carolini, Green and Murcott). Outcomes will include: learning quantitative and qualitative planning skills in a challenging, international, multi-cultural setting as well as evaluation and comparison of the latest technology innovations in a systems context. Deliverables include a Planning Report due May 16, 2013.

Students should also register for 11.S952 for 6 units during IAP.  The proposed travel schedule will be 3 weeks of travel, from Dec. 31 to Jan. 24.