Developing a Climate Action Strategy for DUSP

Developing a Climate Action Strategy for DUSPis a project-oriented class intended to produce an actionable, evidence-based plan for DUSP to lower its climate impact. In May 2019, over 100 DUSP students offered their support for a set of DUSP Climate Recommendations produced by the DUSP Climate student group. This class provides an opportunity for students to translate the DUSP Climate Recommendations into an actionable plan, and to add, edit, or revise recommendations as needed. Topics covered in class are expected to include: environmental footprint calculations and inventories; institutional change; community engagement, consensus building, and decision-making; equity implications of reducing consumption; communicating the climate crisis and climate actions; and monitoring and evaluation plans. During the first two weeks of class, students and faculty may revise this list of topics to suit the needs of the project. Project milestones include: preparing two briefs on DUSP’s climate footprint and climate goals for SA+P’s school council, and producing a Climate Action Strategy for DUSP.