India: Urban Displacement and Resettlement

Students will work in Delhi (and Mumbai and Chennai), India, in selected jhugi-jhopri (slum) communities (called JJ clusters in Indian government’s parlance), review and assess the conditions of communities slated for resettlement or evictions and the conditions of resettlement sites, conduct data mapping and visualization to get a better understanding of the impact of displacement on affected populations, and enable an improvement of the capacity for advocacy on the part of HLRN.  Our deliverables will consist of the following: a) an assessment of the resettlement frameworks and displacement impacts in selected JJ clusters in Delhi, along with a comparative assessment of the resettlement frameworks in Chennai and Mumbai; b)mapping and data visualization of the JJ clusters as well as resettlement sites during a selected period stretching into the recent past; c) an advocacy action plan for HLRN and their allies on the best possible ways for integrating the above outputs (assessment of resettlement as well as mapping) into their advocacy strategies, including possibly in strategic litigation.



  • Travel and work from August 1st-25th followed by a fewmeetings and completion of reports in the Fall
  • Partner/collaborating institution: Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN), Delhi
  • Co-sponsorship: By MISTI India
  • Selection by application