Topics in International Development: iHouse Seminar

This seminar is an introduction to iHouse, New House's newest living/learning community focused on developing the next generation of global leaders. The seminar is mandatory for freshmen who choose to live in iHouse, with limited space for non-iHouse freshmen. If you hope to live in iHouse, please list 11.A11 among your seminar choices on the Advising application.

This seminar introduces freshmen to a methodology for approaching communities to identify, understand, and solve problems in an urban and international development context. By working extensively with a local community, students will learn to use a variety of social science and engineering tools, methods, and techniques to clarify urban and international development problems with an applied problem-solving approach. Traditionally, development practitioners approach a community with a prepared solution before properly understanding the pertinent problems and context?leading to failed development initiatives. In this seminar you will learn a more effective and impactful method of approaching communities, understanding problems, and structuring solutions.