Minjee Kim

I study public participation, land use negotiation, and local government decision-making on the subject of large-scale real estate developments. My dissertation examines the efficacy of using negotiated developments as land use policy in obtaining desired planning outcomes and the politics of decision-making processes within. Using Boston as a case study, I ask how a local government's commitment to increase transparency and value formal public participation in development decisions alter the final outcomes of large-scale real estate developments. 

I have also partnered with various local governments to help them establish better framework for engaging local community stakeholders when reviewing development projects. I believe large-scale development projects, which have transformative influence on cities' physical and socioeconomic characters, can become collaborative planning endeavors when right stakeholders are engaged in a right manner. Before coming to MIT, I received a masters in city planning from MIT and a bachelors of architecture from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea.