I am Kelly Heber, a second year PhD student working with Professor Larry Susskind on natural resource management. I am specifically interested in marine resources, policy, economics and ecosystems (mangroves, sea grass, coral reefs, fisheries, coastal wetlands), and collaborative decision-making involving marine ecosystems.

My research in the Science Impact Collaborative is situated in the Malaysia Sustainable Cities Partnership. In Malaysia, I am working on village-based management of fisheries and mangrove forests in the Sungai Pulai RAMSAR site. I am a guest researcher working on ecosystem services valuation at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute's Marine Policy Center.

I completed an Msc at the University of Oxford, Christ Church College. My dissertation and coursework focused on GIS-based natural resource management, collaborative coral reef management, adaptive management, the Florida Everglades, and valuation of ecosystem services.

Awards I have won include:
MIT Presidential Fellowship 2013
Department of State Critical Language Scholarship 2013
Carroll L. WIlson Award 2013
Program on Environmental Governance & Sustainability Fellowship 2013
Funded travel through Special Interest Group in Urban Studies (SIGUS) to Fiji for fieldwork 2013
The Oxford Clarendon Award 2012
Honors Program funding for funded semester-long studies in France and SE Asia 2006, 2007
The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship 2005-2009

Previous Employers:
Teach for America 2009-2011
Datagrid Inc Natural Resource Management 2009-present (contractual)

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