Karthik Rao-Cavale

Karthik is a Ph.D. student in the International Development Group at MIT. His empirical research is mainly focused on various aspects of labor mobilization in India's so-called informal sector. Karthik's theoretical training and interest lies in socio-legal studies, international development, and postcolonial theory, but he also maintains more than a passing interest in the history of city planning and the use of quantitative methods in heterodox traditions of policy analysis.

Prior Education
Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP), Rutgers
Bachelor of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Papers and Conference Presentations
"Geddes, Gandhi and Nehru: Contrasting Visions for Modern India," presented at the ACSP Conference, Salt Lake City
Hanson, C. S., Noland, R. B., & Rao-Cavale, K. (2012). Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of materials used in road construction. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2287(1), 174-181.
"Do Residents of "Notified" Slums Invest More in Housing Stock?: Evidence from National Surveys in India," presented at the Urban Affairs Conference, San Francisco
"Courting Exceptions in a Court of Law: Judicial Governance and the politics of Street Vending in Metropolitan India," presented at the Law and Society Conference, Boston