Eric Schultheis

My broad areas of interest include GIS, urban information systems, quantitative analysis, anti-poverty law, and federally subsidized low-income housing policy, law, and history. In particular, my research focuses on (1) how public and non-profit organizations can leverage information technology and administrative data to better serve low-income persons, families, and communities and (2) how to evaluate the accessibility of social services

Dissertation (Working): The variability of the accessibility of social welfare services across user demographic groups and service type.
Committee: (1) Amy K. Glasmeier (Chair), (2) Mei-Po Kwan, (3) to be determined.
Research Interests
Geographic information systems (GIS)
The use of mapping and administrative data in policy development
The use of GIS, data, and statistics in social justice advocacy
Courses Prepared to Teach
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GIS and Applied Data Analysis for Public Policy
Introduction to Law for Planners