David Lee

David Lee is a PhD candidate in Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, and conducts research at the Senseable City Laboratory. His work focuses on collective problem solving using real-time information systems, and transforming public discourse on critical urban issues with digital technology.

Dissertation: Platforms for Urban Crowdsourced Intelligence
Research Interests
Smart Cities, Innovation Clusters, Distributed Sensing
Courses Prepared to Teach
Digital City Design, Introduction to Urban Design and Development, UIS Workshop
Recent Publications
Phithakkitnukoon, S., Offenhuber, D., Wolf, M. I., Lee, D., Biderman, A., & Ratti, C. Tracking Trash. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 12(1).
Offenhuber, D., Lee, D., Wolf, M. I., Phithakkitnukoon, S., Biderman, A., & Ratti, C. Putting Matter in Place. Journal of the American Planning Association, 78(2), 173–196.
Offenhuber, D., & Lee, D. Putting the informal on the map: tools for participatory waste management. Proceedings of the 12th Participatory Design Conference: Exploratory Papers, Workshop Descriptions, Industry Cases-Volume 2 (pp. 13–16).
Martani, C., Lee, D., Robinson, P., Britter, R., & Ratti, C. ENERNET: Studying the dynamic relationship between building occupancy and energy consumption. Energy and Buildings, (0).