Lightning Talks

12 DUSP faculty will have three minutes to explain one of their research projects--in layperson's language. We are hoping to strike that perfect blend of “fun and informative,” so that students and faculty can be inspired by the work of colleagues and we can all start to explore new ways of working together.

MIT-Malaysia Sustainable Cities Collaboration

Submitted by Takeo Kuwabara on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 11:17am

The MIT- Malaysia Sustainable Cities Partnership is a five-year effort, co-managed by faculty at MIT and the Universiti of Teknologi of Malaysia (UTM), with a multimillion dollar grant from the Malaysian Ministry of Education.  The goal of the partnership is to document sustainable city development efforts in Malaysia. We intend to use our research findings to create on-line video instructional materials to support the teaching of sustainable city development in universities in the global South.