Spring 2014

Semester Start Date: 
Monday, January 27, 2014

"Places in the Making" to be used for NeighborWorks America training curriculum

Lead author Susan Silberberg is pleased to announce that the DUSP whitepaper “Places in the Making: How placemaking builds places and communities” is to be included in training materials for community development professionals and activists. The NeighborWorks America Training Institute provides training to thousands of community development professionals and activists every year.

Boston's Urban Wilds

Many city natural areas programs are constricted due to limited resources for the acquisition and management of land. Boston’s urban wilds offer an alternative model for the protection of urban open space that focuses on decentralized advocacy and activism rather than on a centralized city program. This thesis analyzed the forty-year history of the urban wilds, investigating how the idea first captured people’s attention and how advocates have kept it relevant over time in the face of political, economic, and social changes.

Innovating the City: Challenges and Opportunities in Establishing Incubators and Districts in Paris and Boston

All over the world, local leaders are leveraging high-tech industry in their economic development strategies. Cities are encouraging the clustering of industries in specific sectors such as manufacturing, innovation, technology, and advanced services. In this effort to leverage distinctive strengths there has been a movement in cities to seed entrepreneurship as part of broader innovation and industial strategies. This thesis takes a qualitative approach to investigating the opportunities and challenges in creating and establishing innovation clusters in two cities: Paris and Boston.

Kelly Heber A Finalist in Fish Hackathon

Kelly Heber, a DUSP PhD student working with the Science Impact Collaborative, and Iain Dunning, a PhD student in MIT Operations Research were finalists in the State Department’s 2014 Our Ocean Conference fisheries data competition known as the “Fish Hackathon.”

Professor Susskind’s Interview on Arctic policy with Oceans at MIT

Given the rapidly changing status of the Arctic sea ice, which may disappear for entire summers as soon as mid-century, the world is presented with an unprecedented opportunity to access virgin resources and areas. However, this emerging situation is fraught with geo-political, environmental, and indigenous peoples concerns. In an interview with Oceans at MIT, Professor Susskind offers his opinions on the dynamics at play in the evolution of the Arctic situation as well as hopes for future interaction with challenges by MIT students and faculty.

New England Climate Adaptation Project Reports Garner More News Coverage

New risk assessment reports produced by the New England Climate Adaptation Project for the towns of Wells, Cranston, and Barnstable have generated considerable coverage in the press.

Professor Susskind Publishes New Book, Good For You, Great For Me

Thirty years ago, Roger Fisher and Bill Ury wrote the groundbreaking book Getting to Yes.  It established the mutual gains approach to negotiation, or what the popular media likes to call "win-win negotiation." But there are few, if any, negotiating situations in which everyone can get everything they want.  In reality, most people want to win at win-win negotiation.


Congratulations to the Class of 2014

At the Departmental Commencement Breakfast at the MIT Media Lab on June 5, 2014, DUSP was pleased to welcome back Kairos Shen (MArch 1991) as our Commencement Speaker.  Kairos is the Director of Planning at the Boston Redevelopment Authority --- a position he has held since 2002 --- and is responsible for all aspects of community planning, urban design, zoning, waterfront planning, and infrastructure planning in the city. 

In addition to hearing from Kairos, the following year-end awards were announced at the Breakfast.

The Theory and Practice of Negotiation: Creating More Value in a Real Estate Context

Professor Lawrence Susskind with the help of Bruno Verdini Trejo will be teaching an intensive two-day program for the Center for Real Estate at MIT.

DUSP/CAU Team Wins HUD "Rebuild By Design" Competition

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan has announcedthat six design proposals -- including one by MIT/DUSP's Center for Advanced Urbanism, with partners ZUS + Urbanisten -- have been selected as winners of HUD’s Rebuild by Design competition. The MIT team’s winning design proposal "New Meadowlands” protects a unique area of approximately thirty square miles in the NY/NJ Metropolitan Region, against future flood events.