Spring 2014

Semester Start Date: 
Monday, January 27, 2014

Fresh Food for All

11.S940 Medellin, Colombia Workshop: Mapping, Forecasting & Acting Informal Settlements

Informal Settlements


 Jota SamperCatalina Ortiz




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11.S940 Medellin, Colombia Workshop: Mapping, Forecasting & Acting Informal Settlements

This workshop is an international collaboration between MIT’s School of Architecture + Planning, the Architecture Department, the School of Planning at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellin[1] and the planning council of Comuna 8[2].

Educational Theory and Practice III

Three subject sequence focusing on the theory and practice of K-12 classroom education. Subject concentrates on the theory and psychology associated with student learning. Topics include educational theory, educational psychology, and theories of learning. Classroom observation is a key component. Other assignments include readings from educational literature, written reflections on classroom observations, presentations on class topics, and practice teaching.

Grad Student Wins $10K Public-Sector Aviation Award

Carey Anne Nadeau (MCP, Feb ‘15) has been selected after a competitive proposal process, as the recipient of a $10,000 research stipend by the Graduate Research Award Program on Public-Sector Aviation Issues.  Sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration of the U.S.

Committed to Caring: Professor Brent Ryan

Congratulations to DUSP Professor Brent Ryan, who was recently awarded a "Committed to Caring” honor from the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.  The program recognizes MIT faculty members who "go above and beyond to make an impact in the lives of graduate students." Two new faculty members are recognized each month through a broad campus poster and web campaign.  Honorees are determined by a selection committee made up of MIT graduate students and staff.

In granting the award, the office noted,

Expanding transportation planning capacity in cities of the global south: Public-private collaboration and conflict in Chile and Mexico

In his dissertation, Onesimo Flores Dewey studied how the governments of cities limited by scarce fiscal resources and weak institutions enhance their transportation planning and regulatory capacities to provide the public with cleaner, safer, efficient, and reliable public transit alternatives. Such aims are particularly challenging for cities of the developing world, in part because a quasi-informal network of privately owned transport operators has been historically responsible for satisfying the public’s mobility needs with minimal state intervention.

Student Spotlight: John Arroyo

DUSP PhD student John Arroyo is featured today on a front-page story on the MIT homepage.  See below for an excerpt, or click here for the whole story by MIT News correspondent Zach Wener-Fligner.

Dynamics of Vehicle Ownership in Singapore

Yunke Xiang (MCP ’14) focused on how cities are trying a range of transportation policy and investment alternatives to reduce car-induced externalities. He explored why, without a solid understanding of how people behave within the constraints from transportation policies, it is hard to tell which of these policies are really doing the job and which may be inducing unintended problems. The focus of this paper is the determinants of vehicle ownership in the motorized city-state context of Singapore.