Spring 2013

Semester Start Date: 
Friday, February 1, 2013

Decade of Design: Health & Urbanism

To address the urgent need to research, design, and implement solutions to urban challenges, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Center for Advanced Urbanism today announce a new research collaboration that will focus on how design can improve urban health. This research will support AIA’s efforts through the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), Decade of Design. The announcement came at the start of the CGI Winter Meeting.

Course on Health and Urbanism

Decade of Design: MIT Holds Course on Health and Urbanism
By Brooks Rainwater, Director, Public Policy

Managing Cars in Chinese Mega Cities

Managing Cars in China

Automatic Data for Applied Railway Management

In 2009, London Overground management implemented a new tactical plan for AM and PM Peak service on the North London Line (NLL). This paper documents that tactical planning intervention and evaluates its outcomes in terms of certain aspects of service delivery (the operator’s perspective on system performance) and service quality (the passenger’s perspective). Analyses of service delivery and quality, and passenger demand contribute to the development, proposal, and implementation of the new tactical plan.

Bidding to Drive

Increased automobile ownership and use in China over the last two decades has increased energy consumption, worsened air pollution, and exacerbated congestion. However, the countrywide growth in car ownership conceals great variation among cities. For example, Shanghai and Beijing each had about 2 million motor vehicles in 2004, but by 2010, Beijing had 4.8 million motor vehicles whereas Shanghai had only 3.1 million. Among the factors contributing to this divergence is Shanghai’s vehicle control policy, which uses monthly license auctions to limit the number of new cars.

DUSP IAP in Africa Showcase

The DUSP in Africa Showcase is hosted by UrbanAfrica, with support from IDG and DUSP.

Master in City Planning (MCP) and the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (SPURS) students will share stories about their 2013 IAP trip in an African country. Please some support your fellow colleagues and learn about research in Africa.

The DUSP IAP in Africa Showcase Panel:

Sarah Dimson, MCP1, Tanzania

China Urban Development Discussion Series: "Building a Model of Tri-Sector Collaboration to Reduce Pollution in China"

Speaker: Mary Alice Haddad, Associate Professor of Government at Wesleyan University; Discussant: Dr. Karen R. Polenske, Peter deFlorez Professor of Regional Political Economy, MIT DUSP

China Urban Development Discussion Series: "Local States of Play: Land Politics and Chinese Capitalism"

Speaker: Dr. Meg Rithmire, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School; Discussant: Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier, Professor of Geography and Regional Planning, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning               

Civic Hacking as Civic Engagement

Speaker: Nigel Jacob - With an extensive background in collaborative, citizen-facing technology projects, Nigel Jacob co-founded the Office of New Urban Mechanics - a civic innovation incubator within Boston's City Hall. Nigel also serves as Mayor Menino's advisor on emerging technologies. In both of these roles, Nigel works to develop new models of innovation for cities in the 21st century. Prior to joining the City of Boston in 2006, Nigel worked for and launched a series of technology start-ups in the Boston area.