Spring 2013

Semester Start Date: 
Friday, February 1, 2013

Professor Alan Berger's research on North American Urbanization and Mobility

Professor Alan Berger’s research on North American Urbanization and Mobility is featured in the first issue of the Harvard Journal of Real Estate, which is now online at the Real Estate Academic Initiative website.

"The Displacement Decathlon: Olympian Struggles for Affordable Housing from Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro"

Professor Larry Vale co-authored an article with Annemarie Gray (MCP ’14) “The Displacement Decathlon: Olympian Struggles for Affordable Housing from Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro,” was published in Places in April 2013.

The Plan for an Innovation District in Medellin, Colombia

Professor Dennis Frenchman is working with Carlo Ratti and PhD students Jota Samper and Ricardo Alvarez on the Plan for an Innovation District in Medellin, Columbia. In a separate project, MIT and Medellin students in 11.320 Digital City Design Workshop developed digital applications for improving life in the city’s favellas, involving distributed health care, digital fabrication of building components, and household energy management, among others.

Neighborhood Deign and Suburban Baby Boomers' Local Behavior

Neighborhood Design and Suburban Baby Boomers’ Local Behavior Eran Ben-Joseph, Christopher Zegras, Jae Seung Lee: Two referred papers published showing results from this ongoing DOT sponsored project. Safely Active Mobility for Urban Baby Boomers: The Role of Neighborhood Design” in Accident Analysis & Prevention May 2013.

Flocksourcing Dhaka

Flocksourcing Dhaka: Mobile Phone-Sourced Intelligence used to create the city's first bus map by CDD/MCP'12 alumns Albert Ching and Stephen Kennedy.

The Real Estate Studio 11.303 went international this year.

The Real Estate Development Studio, 11.303 went international this year preparing proposals for a major downtown site in Sao Paulo, Brazil. CDD alum Victor Eskinazi joined Professors Dennis Frenchman and Peter Roth  to teach the class and organize the site visit. The project was developed in cooperation with the city and Vivo Centro! a local business group.

Road Frustration Index

To investigate the emotive aspects of driving, Audi and the Senseable City Lab are working together to develop the Road Frustration Index, a project that combines realtime data on traffic, incidents, weather and driver sentiment across 30 metropolitan areas in the US to approximate the level of road-induced stress in each locale.

Energy Proforma

The "Energy Proforma" is an online analysis and design tool created by the MIT Clean Energy City project that estimates the energy use of a city’s residents based on their neighborhood’s design characteristics.  To try it out, and to learn about research on energy consumption and neighborhood design, visit http://energyproforma.mit.edu/webtool2S/home.

MIT Science Impact Collaborative

Created in 2005 with support from the U.S. Geologic Service (USGS), the Science Impact Collaborative (formally MUSIC) is an extended program of action-research testing the proposition that, anywhere in the world, the right kind of stakeholder engagement in natural resource management can improve the fairness, efficiency, stability and scientific wisdom of collective decisions made in the public arena.