Spring 2012

Semester Start Date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CDD Forum Spring 2012: Strategies for Shrinking Cities

The CDD Forum is a longstanding tradition in the City Design and Development Group with dual aims: to highlight emerging currents in urban design – both practice and theory- and to invite to MIT individuals who are operating at the forefront of urban design thinking.

Privatopolis: Sauget Shrinking City Urban Design Studio

The Spring 2012 shrinking cities studio examined the “privatopolis” of Sauget, Illinois.

Map of Knowledge


A university builds upon its people but sparkles with the interactions among them. This project aims to survey the intellectual interactions at universities and draw their Map of Knowledge.

Please see the result of the first stage carried out at University of British Columbia. http://cknet.org/

Transit Passenger Incidence Behavior

Passenger incidence (station arrival) behavior has been studied primarily to understand how changes to a transit service will affect passenger waiting times. The impact of one intervention (i.e. increasing frequency) could be overestimated compared to another (i.e. improving reliability), depending on the assumption of incidence behavior. It is important to understand passenger incidence so that management decisions will be based on realistic behavioral assumptions.

Assisted Housing Mobility: Beyond Gautreaux-MTO

Prezi presented at the 5th National Conference on Assisted Housing Mobility, Washington, DC, June 0212

Fairmount Corridor Sustainable Neighborhood Plan

Student and faculty in HCED are working with community-based organizations in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood to help implement sustainable and equitable planning measures as part of the Fairmount Corridor Initiative - an innovative inner-city smart growth/transit-oriented development program featuring new MBTA transit service in a low-income, minority district.

NexCITY - Refigured Urbanism for Kiryat Gat 2025

NexCITY was a collaboration between DUSP's Site & Systems Planning Studio (11.304J / 4.255J) and Tel-Aviv University Laboratory for Contemporary Urban Design in order to envision, plan, and design prototypical sustainable residential communities for Israel 2025. The long term research strived to plan, design, and retrofit existing residential communities to become low carbon, ecologically responsive, incorporate new technologies, and generally enhance the livability and self-reliance of local residents and potentia

IDG Thesis Prep.

This course is intended for MCP students preparing to conduct international field research. The class will introduce the basics of field research, including different types of data collection and qualitative data analysis techniques. Over the course of the semester, students will develop their ideas for their thesis project and prepare a thesis proposal. Prerequisites: must have summer field research plans for thesis, or already engaged in a similar graduate research.