Fall 2013

Semester Start Date: 
Sunday, September 1, 2013

Displacement Research and Action Network Website Launched

The Displacement Research and Action Network, based at MIT, is a global network on displacement and land rights that brings together activists, academics and policy makers to build new theory and evidence of the increase and intensity of mass internal displacement around the world due to development, conflict or climate disaster.

Mel King Surprise Guest at Hip-Hop Show

At a sold-out Lloyd Banks show at Cambridge's Middle East Club, DUSP Professor Emeritus Mel King emerged as a surprise guest to deliver a message of to the youth of today's cities, urging them to help develop the transformative "technology of the heart."   The talk was captured here.

IDG Participatory Budgeting

IDG began the 2013-2014 school year with a participatory budgeting process meant to increase student involvement in program group planning and financing. For students working in international contexts and committed to addressing issues of equity and governance, this offered an opportunity to experience and participate in an increasingly common practice in democratic deliberation and decision-making that many IDG students have encountered in their course of study.

Displacement Research & Action Network: Online Platform Launch

Please join the Displacement Research and Action Network for the launch of its online research and exchange platform. Professor Balakrishnan Rajagopal and Mr. Miloon Kothari, MLK Visiting Fellow and former UN Special Rapporteur on Housing, will discuss new Network developments, including international collaborations, spring courses, and upcoming field research.

AAG Distinguished Scholarship Honor Awarded to Amy Glasmeier

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) has awarded the 2014 Distinguished Scholarship Honor to DUSP Professor Amy Glasmeier, "for her insightful and data-rich insights into the geographies of economic development and planning, for her research on patterns and trends in rural poverty in America, and for her outstanding efforts to understand and inform public policy..."  For more information, see the AAG News page and the

DUSP Captures City Stories

What makes up a city? In the recent MIT course, In this Building: Multimedia and Place-based Storytelling, architecture and urban planning students became urban storytellers, learning how to uncover the personal side of everyday Boston storefronts and homes.

Report On the State of Health + Urbanism

A newly published research report from MIT’s Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU) highlights the complexity of the issue. Produced in collaboration with the American Institute of Architects, the document examines an array of public health matters in eight major metropolitan areas in the United States, and suggests a wide array of possible remedies, from better mass transit to extensive tree-planting.

Technology, Innovation, and Grand Development Challenges

Calestous Juma will be speaking on Technology, Innovation, and Grand Development Challenges: New Frontiers for Research and Practice. He is an internationally recognized authority on the role of science, technology, engineering and innovation in sustainable development. Prof Juma is Professor of the Practice of International Development and Director of the Science, Technology, and Globalization Project at Harvard Kennedy School.  

Planning Practices that Matter: Housing for Resilient Cities

The MIT Resilient Cities Housing Initiative (RCHI) is convening its inaugural symposium in Fall 2013 to identify and highlight some of the most innovative examples of planning projects and policies that address urban housing problems. What kinds of transformations have effectively addressed the housing and housing-related needs of underserved low-income people in a safe, equitable, and sustainable manner?