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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lynch Award: Richard M. Daley

Richard M. Daley is the longest serving Chicago mayor, with 22 years of service heading the city. During his tenure, he instituted a variety of policies and projects  to improve the environmental quality of the City of Chicago.  In 2004, the Millennium Park opened in the heart of downtown, just north of the Art Institute of Chicago. The park has been recognized for its accessibility and green design.

Lynch Award: Randolph Hester

Randolph (Randy) Hester Jr. is a landscape architect, professor and sociologist based in Berkeley, California. Where he is the Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning. Throughout his career he has focused on applying sociology to urban and landscape design. He has been an advocate of community participation in the development of what he calls ecological democracies.

Lynch Award: Ecological Sustainability in City Form

“As humans multiply and their technology comes to dominate the earth, the conscious organization of the land becomes more important to the quality of life.” – Site Planning (p.12)

Lynch Award: Richard Saul Wurman

Richard Saul Wurman is a prolific writer, architect and designer, as well as the founder of the immensely popular TED Talks. Prompted by a cross-country move to L.A. in the late 1970s and the disorientation that followed, Wurman created the first ACCESS guidebook, using graphics, maps, and walking tours organized by neighborhood, that would help orient any visitor.

Lynch Award: Manuel Castells

Manuel Castells (2001) has written 23 books, including the highly influential trilogy “The Information Age: Economy, Society, and Culture”. He is one of the top 5 cited social sciences researchers in the world (SSCI), and the recipient of the prestigious Holberg Prize for having “shaped our understanding of the political dynamics of urban and global economies in the network society.”

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Lynch Award: Legacy

The Lynch award was established in 1988 to honor the memory of Kevin Lynch, an MIT alumnus, urban designer, author and 30-year faculty member in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning CDD Group (previously named Environmental Design Group).

Kevin Lynch Award

The Kevin Lynch Award was established to honor the memory of Kevin Lynch, an MIT alumnus, urban designer, author and member of the faculty of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning for thirty years.